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Skunkworks Projects         Radical Innovation in Product Development
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With close to four decades experience in product design and supply of precision manufactured components, DANTERRY, Inc. is a valuable resource providing design solutions for custom-dedicated manufacturing equipment and factory layouts to original equipment manufacturers and those bringing product to market. As a collaboration partner for product design, IP creation and component supply to numerous Fortune 500 companies, DANTERRY, Inc.’s skunkworks projects provide radical innovation to product development and realization in the realm of security, health and energy.  With an eye for creative invention, holding more than two dozen patents, and having incubated and spun out numerous companies, DANTERRY, Inc. has been involved with the development of IP in the areas of personal security, physical security, building security, cargo security, tactical products, alternative energy, chemical engineering and various consumer products.
In the chemical engineering field, DANTERRY, Inc. is strategically involved with the launch of Briotech, LLC and its line of HOCL products.  Briotech™ is newly launched in 2014 after years of research and development in the area of electrolysis systems, techniques and formulas. Briotech™ HOCL is an electro- chemical-activated (ECA) saline solution that mimics the HOCL produced inside our bodies as a natural ingredient of healing that works to fight infection and reduce inflammation.  
In the field of alternative energy, DANTERRY, Inc. works with HydroBee as a collaboration partner and advisor of prototyping and thermo-electric generation. With the mission to improve the lives of millions of people living in energy poverty and to help everyone have backup power for their USB devices, HydroBee produces a line of USB power sources recharged by water, wind, sun, fire, bicycles, muscles and more.
In the field of tactical products for personal security, government security and riot control, DANTERRY, Inc. works with Eclipse Defense as an advisor of product design, quality, manufacturabilty and supply-chain. Eclipse Defense produces a line of less-than-lethal, state of the art, variable velocity pneumatic launchers geared to police and military installations.   
Eclipse Skunkworks Projects