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11   /   06   /   2001

We were tasked by Intel Enabling Group to develop manufacturing technologies, that would allow the first Intel Pentium®, ultra high aspect ratio extruded heatsinks to be manufactured. Our technology breakthroughs allowed the first ever ultra-high aspect ratio extruded solutions that have become the baseline for electronics cooling globally.

With proven expertise as a provider of complex, thermal heat sink solutions to a variety of high-tech manufacturers across the United States, Danterry, Inc. offers its clients access to breakthrough technology that surpasses the current limitations of heat sink design parameters for mechanical and electronic assemblies and fully-fabricated precision components and assemblies. 


 Thermal Design Solutions

  • Computational flow and thermal dynamics

  • In-house thermal design solutions

  • Ultra-high-aspect heat sinks; up to 30:1 aspect ratio

  • Bi-metallic components

  • Thin wall, small hole

  • Disparate wall thickness

  • Copper insertions

  • Selective plating

  • Mechanical bonds

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